We are looking for a part-time seamstress / sewer / mananahi  who has ample experience in sewing gowns and dresses to work part-time in the Makati sewing studio.

Job Description:

  • You will sew ready-cut patterns and work closely with designer
  • 2-3 days Part-time work
  • 8 hrs per day; free lunch/snack & dinner
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work any day of the week as long as it’s 2-3 days or as pre-scheduled/availability


  • Must know how to sew gowns and have ample experience in ladies’ wear
  • Must know how to do finishings on garments and hand-sewing
  • Must know how to follow directions
  • Open-minded to inventive designs
  • Can operate and adjust the sewing machine
  • Must undergo a paid 8-hour trial

Optional but favorable:

  • Can make patterns & cut fabric
  • Can work on details (lace applique, beadwork
  • Can work with costumes/corsets


  • Flexible payment terms (weekly or monthly)

Interested applicants:

Send your resume to or contact +639088911360 .



A smoking hot sultry bee-tee-es for the her highness. Featuring the burlesquesified version of the Queen of Hearts  by yours truly + Harnesses from Dark Sweet Soul PH. View official photos here.

 Video: Samantha Solidum
 Videography: Jear Velasquez
 Photography: Dar San Agustin 
 Styling: Liyan Aprieto
 Venue: Mao Den 
 Model: Joyen 
 Special thanks to B-Side Productions



JOYEN performing at the New York Asian Burlesque Extravaganza // Photo by Green Bag Photography

Rarely in a designer’s life would we’ve met a woman who embodies all their guiltiest, kinkiest, dirtiest design pleasures – you know, those pieces in your mind the nuns from your catholic high school would expel you for even thinking about?  That’s why I could say out loud I’m hella lucky to have met Joyen. Continue reading

That gown looks familiar, doesn’t it? It’s a long story, but this music video was the most wonderful Christmas surprise! I’ve talked way too much about this dress already (for like maybe four years straight equivalent if you’ve added all the social media posts made about it) so I’ll talk more about this band instead. I’ve been so out of the music scene in the country because of various reasons. But the good news is – when new channels have opened up and I got an actual working internet (believe me, Philippine internet is always a grimm tragedy) – I am exposed to new sounds I thought I can only find in the music of outside the Philippines. Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus just…sings to the creature of darkness that I am. They are perfect. And as I listen and listen and listen, they only get perfect-er. I cannot ask for more. Take me, Mr. Bones. My soul is yours. (more…)