The First Bride

Your first wedding is always memorable. For most people, they’d only ever have it once in their life. In mine on the other hand, this would be a first of many!

It all started as a coincidence. I designed a gown for a beautiful debutant who happened to invite her favorite Philosophy professor who – by the way – was also my favorite Philosophy professor. He was getting married in a few months. So guess who he asked to design the wedding gown for?

Sometimes, everything falls into place in a surprise, as if some weird force is connecting so many people together, making this world a little smaller.

My First Bride

Oh, my favorite photo of all time.

Before leaving the hotel all dolled up for the big event, we were waiting by the elevator ( the bride, the bride’s mother, and I)  when another guest in the hotel complimented how beautiful she was. He was so mesmerized, he couldn’t help say how the groom was a super lucky guy. I was so flabbergasted. It was the nicest thing I’ve heard that day, even when the compliments aren’t directed to me.It made my year, and the year ahead.
I decided to go in red. It wasn’t only my favorite color. It signifies the joy I’ve had making this wedding entourage alongside the bride and groom. It was a tough year, but all was worth every single effort. Of course, I’d only finish it a few hours before the wedding.

The bride and groom knows how much I love rings, so they had a customized ring made for me! It made me incredibly happy. But I think my happiest moment in this wedding (apart from the entire day itself) was when the bride told me this: “Now nobody can ever take away my title of being your first bride!”

Thank you, Ate Kim! The pleasure is all mine, really.

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