The Helter Skelter Dress


Photo by Victor Loong


Photography and Post-process: Grace Sioson
Styling: Alexis Joyce Matic & Joji Villanueva
Model: Vea Novenario
Make-up: Victor Loong
Dress: Janella Ibay

It’s hard to admit this is not not my favorite dress.The idea of this came to be when a bunch of friends decided to watch a Japanese film in 2013 – Helter Skelter, the story of Lilico, the most famous, most perfect, most lusted-after female idol of the country, and the horrors of plastic surgery. Bam. That movie was just…jaw-dropping. It wasn’t as gripping as we thought it would be, but daaaaaaamn son, it had beyond amazing visuals. Here’s the trailer if you’re curious.

Right? Right? It’s like every scene had a whole production within a production within a production team behind it. It’s just too unbelievably detailed from the set, to the make-up, to the make-up, to the styling, to the wardrobe design, and so forth! And for us who are suckers for these kind of things, we just had to do one like it.

So we made our own production team. Invited a model. Brought in a photographer. Kidnapped a Make-up Artist. And offered a sacrifice to yours truly so I’ll get off my ass and conceive the dress. The dress.


Which was supposed to look like this, but idk I changed my mind mid-way, and I changed my mind again, and I changed my mind again, and it almost fell into the hands of some fashion reality show but I’m so glad it didn’t that I got to make it look the way it looks now!

While some would argue it was a cosplay shoot, it isn’t actually one. It’s in between a cosplay shoot and a fashion shoot. It’s a paandar shoot.


As always, cats lending a paw to the making-of.

It took a very long time for the dress to turn out that way. I started it early 2014. That time, I was a front-liner in the war for animal rights against the abomination of the human race. That obviously slowed down the progress of this dress. But even the turtle made it to the finish line. So after finishing seven seasons of Criminal Minds and a forever of hand-sewing each piece of galaxy tulle to the long-trained skirt, it was ready!

And we were ready to do this shoot! Well, we were supposed to be for like two years if it weren’t for a certain someone taking too long to sew. *rolls eyes*


The crew for the day. 🙂

We did the shoot at Photomark Studios, somewhere in Gilmore. I don’t frequent the area so I can’t say much about the location. I mean I don’t even frequent the place beyond my front door.

One thing that stuck to me though. When we got to the place, the studio was booked. And apparently, there was just one available light. I don’t remember what kind of strobe this was, but yes. We were limited to this one-light setup, even though we paid what was due. It was pretty horrible. Not that the photos weren’t gorge. It was just a huge disappointment for the studio not being able to provide us any other light to use. It felt unfair in many levels. But for us who’ve come a long way (literally), the show must go on.


I especially love these poses. They weren’t released, but I printed some of the shots Grace did and I’m rolling all over them right now with much feels. Photos by: Victor Loong


We tried copying the drawing. I swear to the gods I almost cried. The white block just didn’t work. And the hourglass blood was a prop impossible to obtain, but relevant nonetheless in my own beliefs lol.

And finally, we have here the official photos!


Those eyes and lips and perfect skin.


I love how the rhinestoned shoes (which I finished just the day before :x) shone a little with the soft flash!


This is not my favorite shot ever. Nope. I hate it. In fact, you can visit the main site to see how much I hate it. It’s the hero photo for a year and counting now.



I put on make-up for this photo.

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