The Royal Robe of Wonderland

This very detailed trumpet gown is inspired by the Queen of Hearts. The idea was to design a gown for the Wonderland Royalty (The Queen of Hearts or the Red Queen) showing my own personal style. It had been a grueling two months of cutting, layouting, machine and hand-sewing, and finally, beading and applique to come up with it. This is my most elaborate personal work to date. It’s been a part of a group exhibit, under Gallery Nine in MANILART 2016. Read more about our participation here.

This dress is mostly adjustable, with a looping back, and a removable cape. Although there are a few number of instances where it can be worn, I am appalled at the lot of women who were impressed something as avant garde as this. Even if this did not sell in the fair, I can never be not happy about this.

Here’s a little video Google Photos stitched together – which is a really cool feature, by the way!  This dress will soon see a new light in the year 2017. With a lot of photos and features ahead of it. I’m only hoping for the best! 🙂

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