Miss Mardi Gras


☆.。.:*・My glitter goddess ☆.。.:*・

Every year in the design career, there always have to be a Christmasy dress order. There always will be one, whether it is liked or not. And often times, with all the repetitiveness and constricting craft of making bridesmaid dresses three months straight, this commission will be the most refreshing thing you’d ever do to wrap up the busy year. With a theme so extravagant, naturally sparkly and lavishingly fabulous, this event dubbed Mardi Gras (Translating to “Fat Tuesday” and defined as the day of flashing for beads by the Urban Dictionary) makes for a perfect festive dress inspiration!The client is going to be a host for her company’s Christmas gala, so she got to up her game. The dress also had to be majority of gold (her request), with green and purple present (traditional Mardi gras colors) and a circus slash masquerade splash onto it. With all those in mind, we came up with this three-pieced ensemble. The two-colored bustle is completely removable. The haltered sleeveless crop top can be worn in another outfit, as well as the gold tulle skirt.


Initial design sketch!

For the fabrics, the best way to go is to find the applique/detail, then match the color palette from there – if the client isn’t too specific. In any case, the shades of golden tulle is quite limited, even for this time of the year at the malls. It’s pretty surprising. But there will always be a shade that works. Two whole afternoons of shop-hopping were worth it for the quality of fabric I was able to bag: The glitter tulle for the applique, Dull Charmeuse, a limited stock fabric Metallic Soft Tulle, and three tones of frosted American Tulle totalling in 25 yards. These very versatile fabrics are some of my favorite ones. With my year bombarded with Chiffon dresses, it’s nice to be back in my element. Hah!


The initial layout 🙂 I had to adjust the applique to her body type though.

The details required a whole lot of hand-sewing. Appliques and gemstones soon unravelled themselves all over the ensemble as I cried over Mars. I guess with my concentration on the work, no matter how many photos I take of the dress, I just cannot get around to actually sharing them in a timely manner. But the great thing about the smart phones these days is that they are back-up whores. They back-up every single thing in your phone and hand them over to Google, where the company’s photo app does these very cool automated “creations” from related videos. That turned out to be really helpful, especially that I have no interest whatsoever in making one of these myself for the love of Christ. And now that it seems relevant, I figured it be included in this post. Check it out:

Before the programme started, I headed over to the event’s venue to hold a little photo shoot. As expected, the lack of photography skill preceded me. It is these moments I wish the SO lived nearer. He could’ve whipped out photos better than these by 900%.

Nevertheless, the muse lived up to the Miss Mardi Gras title because…well, she won Best in Costume!


Congratulations Joji! 😀

I am honestly extra happy with how this project turned out, even if it took a lot of me to finish. This girl is actually one of my greatest supporters in the pursuit of fashion – always the first one to line up in the commission list, buys all my stuff until nothing is left, and my longest trusting client ever. Because she is no other than my best friend! lol


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