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I'm a gown designer, herbivore, and an animal welfare advocate. Owned by eight cats.

MANILART is slowly becoming an annual part of my life now. And frankly, that’s a really healthy annual routine. For one, it is an awe-inspiring collection of work from all over the Philippines. Seeing all paintings and sculptures felt so rejuvenating. Continue reading


We are looking for a part-time seamstress / sewer / mananahi  who has ample experience in sewing gowns and dresses to work part-time in the Makati sewing studio.

Job Description:

  • You will sew ready-cut patterns and work closely with designer
  • 2-3 days Part-time work
  • 8 hrs per day; free lunch/snack & dinner
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work any day of the week as long as it’s 2-3 days or as pre-scheduled/availability


  • Must know how to sew gowns and have ample experience in ladies’ wear
  • Must know how to do finishings on garments and hand-sewing
  • Must know how to follow directions
  • Open-minded to inventive designs
  • Can operate and adjust the sewing machine
  • Must undergo a paid 8-hour trial

Optional but favorable:

  • Can make patterns & cut fabric
  • Can work on details (lace applique, beadwork
  • Can work with costumes/corsets


  • Flexible payment terms (weekly or monthly)

Interested applicants:

Send your resume to or contact +639088911360 .


A smoking hot sultry bee-tee-es for the her highness. Featuring the burlesquesified version of the Queen of Hearts  by yours truly + Harnesses from Dark Sweet Soul PH. View official photos here.

 Video: Samantha Solidum
 Videography: Jear Velasquez
 Photography: Dar San Agustin 
 Styling: Liyan Aprieto
 Venue: Mao Den 
 Model: Joyen 
 Special thanks to B-Side Productions



JOYEN performing at the New York Asian Burlesque Extravaganza // Photo by Green Bag Photography

Rarely in a designer’s life would we’ve met a woman who embodies all their guiltiest, kinkiest, dirtiest design pleasures – you know, those pieces in your mind the nuns from your catholic high school would expel you for even thinking about?  That’s why I could say out loud I’m hella lucky to have met Joyen. Continue reading