Alice in Madnessland!

Never have I imagined myself being an exhibitor in Manilart. Ever. Maybe because its all about “artworks” – the term I’d normally associate with paintings, sculptures, installations, and similar things that would fall under the category. There is after all, a fine line between “art” and “fashion design” – even “couture” or “avant garde” if you may. But after eight long years of being one of the biggest and leading fairs in the country, Manilart’s evolving with the times, or so I’ve heard (an actual Manilart virgin here!) Continue reading

Yes, it’s true. We were one of the exhibitors for this year’s Manilart (such honor, woo!) Here’s a little preview of the next write-up we’re brewing (it’s tough brewing those lately, especially with all the gowns we need to give birth to!) More to come soon.

Thank you for the screen time! We are definitely thrilled for next year, as the Madtinkers of Gallery Nine comes up with another out-of-this-world show.